Pinchflat is a bike poster exhibition held in Columbus which showcases and celebrates artists and cyclists from all across Ohio.
For this poster, I wanted to combine my passion for graphic design with my passion for pigs (I raised market hogs and competed at the county fair for 7+ years).
I took inspiration from vintage travel posters, advertisements, and modern, but retro graphic designs. I wanted the colors illustrated in this poster to be vibrant and resemble the eccentricity of 1950s kitchen wallpaper.
The goal of this piece was to spark a reaction of happiness and reminiscence. We all know the nursery rhyme about the little piggy that goes “wee, wee, wee, all the way home,” but what if he wasn’t just running home from the market, but gliding around on his brand new bicycle with his snout in the air, ears flapping in the wind, and curly tail bouncing as he rides along?

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